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 4  Skin-Care Products Everyone Should Use Before You Turns 30


 4  Skin-Care Products Everyone Should Use Before You Turns 30

What is it about the prospect of turning 30 that brings a newfound devotion to the best skin care products for our 20s? Yes, there’s the obsessive poring over stray spots and microscopic lines you’ve never seen before, but is it all in your mind, or does your skin actually start to change right when you enter that third decade?

The first signs of sun damage do generally show up in your 30s, as your skin’s restorative abilities begin to weaken—think mild brown spots, crow’s-feet, and dull skin. But it’s important to remember that those changes are actually a reflection of past behavior. The damage you do in your 20s is going to show up in your 30s, 40s,  50s and later. It’s a cumulative effect; things will come back to haunt you.

Fortunately, by taking early action, you can make a significant impact on your skin’s future health. A lot of it has to do with prevention and protection but it’s also about developing good habits to carry you on through your later years. One especially important practice: extending your products’ reach.  When you’re young, it’s easy to think just about your face, but we need to protect our neck, chest, hands, and feet as well. As you get older, you’ll start thinking about them more. You can usually carry what works for your face down to your neck and chest.It’s never too late to start since  30 is the new 20, after all.

Start with A Gentle Cleanser

We do want to exfoliate, but sometimes we can become over-exfoliated. From cleansers to sonic devices to scrubs, if you use one exfoliator on top of another, the skin can become irritated and raw. It’s always nice to have a gentle cleanser on hand, especially in the morning when you really only have natural oils and the product from the night before to clean off. At Defy Nature in New London we love Neo-Cleanse from  NeoCutis.  It’s free of harsh sulfates, dyes and fragrance.  It’s well priced and cleanses and hydrates at the same time.

 A Vitamin C Serum

 We recommend a vitamin-C serum packed with antioxidants for an added layer of sun protection. Everyone should know that sunscreen is not a complete block. UV rays do still penetrate, so it’s nice to wear something underneath the SPF to neutralize the free radicals that get released, and also to help with collagen production. Some sunscreens will claim to have antioxidants in them, but it’s never been proven that the amount they include is enough to protect, so it’s better to use them separately. Try Topix’s Vitamin C Pro-Collagen. It’s a best seller at Defy Nature.

A Good Eye Cream

The skin around our eyes is the thinnest skin on our body and one of the first spots to show your age. Starting an eye cream early develops a good habit, and even if you’re not treating a visible wrinkle, it hydrates the skin to plump it, so the wrinkles show less when you’re older. Choose one with active ingredients like Replenix Eye Repair Crème with peptides, green tea, vitamin K and Arnica to increase firmness and elasticity.

 A Medical Grade Daily Sunscreen

Sunscreen is nonnegotiable on a daily basis. There are so many formulations to choose from, but you should pick a broad-spectrum medical grade sunscreen that’s SPF 30 or higher. At Defy Nature,  we  recommend products containing the  ingredients zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, which create a nice even finish and can cause fewer breakouts in 20-somethings. If you’re out and active, you should reapply your SPF every one to two hours; if you’re not spending a lot of time outdoors, then it’s fine to apply just once in the morning.  Replenix Sheer Physical Sunscreen Spray SPF 50+ is a favorite at Defy Nature.

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