Botox and Dermal Filler in the Masseter (Jaw) Musculature

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Botox and Dermal Filler in the Masseter (Jaw) Musculature

This popular aesthetic procedure for improving and contouring the jawline has been done for some time now but more and more men and women are seeing that it reduces facial pain and tension because the Botox injection actually relaxes these muscles. The Botox treatment has become more common during the pandemic due to the increased tension we all experience with all the uncertainty related to COVID and its effect on our families and livelihood. A lot of us carry stress within these muscles and the Botox releases this tension and leads to improvement of headaches, facial and jaw pain, and even migraines. In addition, more and more people are seeing themselves on screen or on camera.

Also, by the placement of an injectable filler such as Juvederm Voluma in these muscles, the size of the muscles is reduced, leading to a slimmer face. Placement of fillers, such as Voluma, to the different parts of the mandible or jaw bone, includes the chin as well as the jawline. One of the key features that help create an attractive facial profile is a nice jawline.

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By adding filler to both the chin as well as the mandibular angle, expert injector Kristin at Defy Nature creates a nice contour that separates the face and the neck. This procedure, which they helped introduce and popularize at Defy Nature has been highly sought after. It is especially powerful for those with weak jowl lines or for those who like the natural-looking improvement they get when they pull the skin back as in replicating the actions of a facelift but are not quite to the point where a facelift would give them full benefit. Adding some volume into these areas with filler and Botox can be an instant transformative process and is very safe with minimal to no recovery time.

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