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COVID-19 and How Stress Affects Your Skin

COVID-19 and How Stress Affects Your Skin

Who isn’t experiencing stress these days? Stress affects all of us. You may be surprised to know just how many skin conditions are exacerbated by stress. The COVID-19 coronavirus continues to change lives in an instant. The stress, pressure, fear and worry affect your entire body’s state of wellness, including your skin.

How does stress affect your skin?

Many common skin conditions are made worse, or triggered, by stress. Some of these conditions include:

√ Eczema

√ Acne

√ Fine lines and wrinkles

√ Rosacea

√ Psoriasis

Stressed skin often looks dull and dry. There are ways to protect your skin from damage and stress. Here at Defy Nature, we have a number of treatments and strategies to repair stressed skin. There are things you can do at home, too, to pamper your skin.

What Does Stressed Skin Look Like?

Your skin mirrors on the outside what is happening inside. Stress can cause your skin to be dry and flaky. You may notice dark circles or bags underneath your eyes or puffy eyelids. Agood eye crème will help like Retinol Eye Repair  Cream.! Acne flareups or breakouts often occur when you’re under stress. You may even have redness, a rash, or eczema.


How Can You Protect Your Skin during Times of Stress?

Get enough rest nightly.

Adequate rest is critical in managing stressful environments and situations. The time you spend sleeping also allows your skin to rejuvenate. Aim for 6 to 8 hours a night of uninterrupted sleep.


Invest in a good skin care regimen.

Applying quality skin products regularly can make a huge difference in the tone, texture and elasticity of your skin especially during these stressful, tough times. At Defy Nature, medical grade is the way to go which contain high amounts of key ingredients like retinol, hyaluronic acid  and peptides that  you just won’t find in the drug store or department store.


Don’t smoke.

From lines and wrinkles to skin cancer, smoking is bad for your skin on so many levels. Smoking causes damage to collagen and elastin. When you smoke, the blood vessels in your skin become constricted, which reduces blood flow to the surface of the skin. The result is pale, dull skin.Smoking also puts you at greater risk for squamous cell carcinoma. If you notice any unusual moles or skin changes, make sure you contact your dermatologist.


Cleanse and moisturize your skin.

Maintaining a daily skincare routine keeps your skin looking and feeling healthy. A moisturizer will help rehydrate your skin from the outside, and drinking plenty of water will keep your skin hydrated from the inside. Defy Nature recommends Replenix Ultra Gentle Cleanser, a soap free gentle cleanser with rich anti-oxidants  and Neo-Cutis Micro-Serum intense moisturizing treatment,


Eat healthy foods.

You’ve heard the expression, “Feed your skin,” and it’s true. The COVID-19 coronavirus has forced many of us to change our routines. A variety of fresh fruits and vegetables helps you get the nutrition you need to keep your skin looking its best.


Protect your skin from the sun.

It may seem counterintuitive, but even if you’re spending most of your time indoors now, you still need to wear sun protection. The sun’s rays are able to penetrate windows and you may be exposed to more UV rays than you think. Use Micro-Day with SPF 30  as a daily part of your skincare regimen.


Practice meditation or mindfulness.

Mindfulness and meditation are great ways to manage stress and uncertainty. A feeling of calm reduces cortisol levels and improves your overall health. This is reflected in your skin. Make time for relaxation every day.


At Defy Nature, we treat numerous skin conditions and are up-to-date on the latest research and trends. Implementing these suggestions will help you keep your skin in optimal condition, even if you’re self-isolating or under quarantine. If you have any skin concerns, contact us for an complimentary consultation at 860-442-5347.


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