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Dermal Filler Trends at Defy Nature

Defy Nature Med Spa in New London, CT reveals their most popular, requested filler treatments by offering the newest, innovative anti-aging solutions and at the same time addressing their patients’ skin care concerns. Kristin Kenny, the expert nurse injector, shares her continuous aesthetic knowledge and amazing techniques with many of her satisfied clients. Lately, her patients are requesting fillers in several areas of their face for more definition and natural contour, which requires more than one syringe and different types of facial filler.

Hydrating and Plumping lip fillers

Lip fillers are the most popular filler treatments for patients in their 30s. Defy Nature has seen a 25% increase in lip filler requests for both men and women over the past year. Kristin prefers lighter fillers such as Silk for these patients. A small amount of lip filler delivers beautiful, subtle, softer-looking results. The big lip look of the past is evolving into patients looking for a natural look but still wanting to improve the height and definition of the borders.

Non-Surgical Liquid Facelift

Defy Nature’s greatest percentage of filler patients are Baby boomers, with most of them concerned with eliminating wrinkles around their nose and mouth and sagging around their cheeks. To treat these concerns, Kristin injects denser, thicker filler along the cheekbone, which subtly lifts the midface, reduces the depth of folds, and gives a more youthful appearance. This technique also often requires more than one syringe of filler like Juvéderm Voluma.

Contouring the face

In addition to adding sharpness to the jawline, Defy Nature patients are requesting definition in other areas of the face, such as their cheekbones and nose. Carefully injecting filler in these areas can help restore balance and symmetry to the face. Injecting on the sides of the face rather than the front has become more popular since patients are more aware of their 3D images seen on social media, Zoom, and Facetime. See images here:

Reduce the need to wear makeup

One major filler trend with universal appeal is using fillers to reduce the need to wear makeup as often. The most popular fillers are made of hyaluronic acid, which is produced by our bodies to attract water and keep our skin hydrated. However, the body’s production of this substance decreases with age. Fillers help to firm up the skin and keep it hydrated, resulting in a natural glow that doesn’t require makeup.

New Innovations

Revolutionary New HA-Based Dermal Filler!

Developed by Swiss scientists, the RHA Collection Revance is the newest and most innovative collection of hyaluronic acid-based dermal fillers around today! Using the same active ingredient as popular dermal fillers like Juvéderm and Restylane, the RHA Collection is poised to become a favorite amongst patients looking to treat age-related dynamic wrinkles, facial folds, and fine lines, and much more.

RHA® – resilient hyaluronic acid – is the latest advancement in HA filler science, and Defy Nature is soon to offer it to their new and existing patients! The RHA® Collection of fillers are the first and only HA fillers FDA-approved for dynamic wrinkles and folds.

Defy Nature sees an increase in dermal filler patients of all ages in their 20s to 60s and beyond. Because of medical advancements, many of us are living longer and want to feel good on the inside as well as on the outside. We now have the opportunity to achieve this without surgery.


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