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Defy Nature is now offering “jawline contouring” that is the latest, non-surgical cosmetic procedure frequently being requested by men and women that uses injectable dermal fillers to add volume to the jawline, sculpting the contour of the lower face. A soft-looking chin and jaw can be caused by age or genetics and can make one look older or less attractive. While adding volume in order to achieve more definition may seem counterintuitive, this treatment is a game-changer for the aesthetic industry adding definition, symmetry, balance, and contouring to the lower face. What are jaw fillers? They provide volume and stimulate hyaluronic acid or collagen production. This can lessen the appearance of sagging, baggy skin, and bone loss around the jaw and can add definition, especially in one’s profile.

Jaw filler can be used to:
    • Reduce the effects of age-related volume loss in the lower face
    • Create a more oval-looking jawline
    • Reduce the appearance of jowls
    • Contour the jawline, giving it a sharper appearance
    • Balance an asymmetrical jawline
    • Strengthen or add proportion to the chin
    • Provide a strong foundation and frame for the face

One of the reasons this up-and-coming treatment is gaining popularity is because jaw filler gives the face a sharper angle, which can actually make one appear thinner. It provides a subtle change, which never looks overdone or over the top.

But not all fillers or practitioners of this procedure are created equal. It’s important to understand what jaw fillers can and cannot do so that you don’t end up with results you’re not happy with. Kristin at Defy Nature will recommend which filler is best for you but she loves using Juvederm; now the only FDA-approved filler for jaw and chin augmentation.  In fact, she just completed her advanced chin, jaw, and lip filler training from Allergan Aesthetics - the makers of Botox and Juvederm. Individual results may vary, but for many users, the hyaluronic acid filler may last as long as 2 years.

You can help maintain the life of jaw filler by: 
    • Avoiding UV light and protecting your skin from the sun by wearing sunscreen
    • Moisturizing your skin regularly
    • Keeping your skin hydrated by drinking lots of water
    • Eating a healthy diet
    • Reducing stress

Even a small change in jaw definition or chin volume can have significant effects on the entire look of your face. Call Defy Nature at 860-442-5347 to schedule your complimentary consultation.



Medically reviewed by Catherine Hannan, M.D. — Written by Corey Whelan on November 6, 2020

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