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SEEING SPOTS? Finally you can treat hyperpigmentation

Dark spots, brown spots, age spots and melasma.

No matter the name, hyperpigmentation is one of the most frustrating and stubborn conditions to treat and its causes are almost endless. Sure, hyperpigmentation is harmless—and maybe you’ve embraced it as less of a bother and more of a angelic cluster of freckles. But for others, dark spots on the face can be annoying.

What Is Hyperpigmentation, what causes it and what are the best treatments now available?

Melanin in your skin is what gives it beautifully diverse colors. But when melanin is over stimulated, it floods the surface of the skin and shows as patches, spots and clumps of color that are darker than our natural skin tone.

Regardless of skin tone, hyperpigmentation can be triggered by:

All skin types, from the lightest to the darkest, can experience hyperpigmentation, though it typically presents itself differently across different skin tones. Because this is one of the most common skin care patient concerns heard at Defy Nature, they have done extensive research to help them get rid of dark spots on the face, arms and body.

Best hyperpigmentation treatment options:

Medium-depth like the VI Peel chemical peel

At Defy Nature, we offer medium depth peels with minimum down time that addresses fine lines, hyperpigmentation and acne. The more intense the peel, the more dramatic the results can be. Kristin, the Nurse Injector can consult you as to which peel is best for your skin type and level of hyperpigmentation. Remember, chemical peels shouldn’t be synonymous with pain: You can treat hyperpigmentation successfully with a medium-depth peel that doesn’t cause intense discomfort with little down time great for all skin colors.

RF Micro needling now available at Defy Nature is a device with tiny needles that punctures the surface of the skin with just enough pressure to trigger the skin’s healing response. This healing response stimulates collagen production that ultimately helps with common skin aging concerns like texture, and elasticity. While RF micro needling is typically more focused on treatment of textural issues like acne scarring, rough texture, and elasticity, it can also help to break up excess pigment in your skin. It’s best to combine RF microneedling with something that can help lift unwanted pigment, like the VI Peel.


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