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Skincare Products - When Will You See Results? (Remember, patience is a virtue)

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Skincare product  commercials and reviews often make some pretty big claims. They'll say things like, "this product completely erased my fine lines and wrinkles," or "this serum made me look like I got Botox overnight." So, when trying out new  products, it's no surprise that many of us are looking to get dramatic and immediate results. The reality is, however, that things rarely work out that way and  if it sounds too good to be true-it probably is.

The   patients at Defy Nature commonly ask if they will see  results from  a skin care product  right away. While some effects can be easy to judge quickly, like whether or not a product hydrates dry skin or feels good on their skin, other results, like more even skin tone or reduction of wrinkles, require a bit more patience. Since skin cells turnover about every 28 days,  it could take a month or more to start seeing results.

So, if a new product isn't instantly transforming your skin, don't get discouraged just yet. Depending on the specific product, the proposed benefits, your skin type, and more factors, it could take anywhere from a few minutes to a few months to experience the extent of their effects. Keep reading to learn more.

How long should your products take to work?


Because the purpose of a cleanser like the popular VI Derm Beauty Cleanser at Defy Nature ( is pretty straightforward—to cleanse the skin of dirt and impurities—you can expect results right away. It’s important to not only look at how well a cleanser works to cleanse the skin, but also assess whether or not the product is compatible with your skin type. For example, if your skin feels tight, itchy, or irritated after using a cleanser, then it's probably too drying or harsh for your skin. If a cleanser is working well for you, your  skin should feel prepped and ready to begin the rest of your skin care routine.

Serums are lightweight and  that can have a wide range of benefits and purposes—from minimizing dark spots, brightening dull skin, and reducing the appearance of wrinkles. Serums go on first and are generally formulated to have a thinner consistency, which helps them deliver key ingredients (like hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, glycolic acid, depending on the product) into the surface of your skin. However, even though serums are generally powerful formulas, it can still take about a month for you to start seeing results..

If you're trying out a serum for targeted treatment, such as the minimization of dark spots, consider taking pictures along the way to check in on your skin's progress. Before trying the serum, take photos of the areas in which you most want to see improvements, and then take photos of those same spots in about a month to see if you can notice any changes.


A good moisturizer should be like a glass of cold water on a hot day: immediate relief. So, you should be able to notice if a moisturizer is hydrating your skin and relieving dryness right away. A good way to tell if your new moisturizer is working is asking yourself if your skin feels dry at any point in the day. If it does, you should either use more product  or think about switching to a different moisturizer that better fits your skin's type and needs. Dry skin types may need higher levels of moisturizing ingredients to really get the job done, and hyaluronic acid is a great ingredient to seek out in moisturizers or apply  alone. Try   Hyalis Hydrating  Serum that delivers a wave of hyaluronate that creates a smooth and plump appearance.

Think of hyaluronic acid like a sponge which draws in water to the outer skin layers. You may see some degree of immediate improvement in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and skin radiance.


This buzzy ingredient is highly acclaimed for its anti-aging benefits—but don't let all the hype trick you into thinking that all your wrinkles and fine lines should disappear overnight. While you may be able to notice some results within the first week or so,  to see significant improvements in skin texture and lines, retinol must be used regularly for weeks or even months.

The most immediate effect of retinol, however, is often irritation. Because retinol is such a powerful active ingredient, it can take time for your skin to get used to its effects, and it may lead to some initial dryness, redness, and flakiness in the process. This should improve after about the first two weeks if you are careful with how you incorporate the product into your routine.

With any  products, It's important to stick to a routine because giving up too quickly means you won't experience the true benefits.

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