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Are You Bothered by Your Aging Jawline & Neck?

The chin plays a very large role in the definition of the jawline.

In addition to lines and wrinkles, one of the telltale signs of aging for both men and women is a less defined jawline. Collagen and elastin are proteins that make up the connective tissue in your body. As we age, we lose connective tissue, collagen, elastin and bone structure in the chin. Eventually over time, the chin area will form deeper wrinkles and the midface tissue will begin to sag. Fat and tissue will also accumulate, contributing to jowls and unattractive loose skin around the jawline. Years ago, a popular choice was chin implant surgery, but there are now non-surgical solutions to improve your aging chin. Here are some non-invasive, non surgical treatment options that Defy Nature Medical Spa recommends and are available at their New London Med Spa today:

Kristin Kenny. BSN at Defy Nature Medical Spa is an experienced Nurse Injector who has helped many men and women turn back the clock on aging through non-surgical treatment solutions. If you are bothered by signs of aging on the face, such as sagging skin, wrinkles or facial folds, Defy Nature may have the solutions you are looking for. Contact Defy Nature today at 860.442.5347.

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