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One thing we all have in common is that we age every day. Throughout history, our society has always been concerned about showing our age and shown interest in looking younger and more beautiful. In ancient Rome, women improved the appearance of their skin by bathing in warm milk and honey and used black coal for under eye makeup.

In the United States, we are influenced predominantly by the media and our society views growing older and looking our age as something to dread. Men and women are constantly looking in the mirror and hoping for the magic pill to wake up looking 10 years younger. Experts tell us human aging is a complex process because not everyone ages the same and we all age for different reasons.

There are two different types of aging that affect the skin.


Think of this as a physical (organic) breakdown in the skin. Intrinsic aging happens inside the body from aging naturally. But the good news is we can make choices on how we affect intrinsic aging. For example, intrinsic aging can occur as early as our 30s due to a poor diet, which slows down the production of elastin and collagen and causes unintended damage to the upper layer of the skin. Bone density can also begin to decrease as a part of intrinsic aging.


Extrinsic aging is a result of external factors such as lifestyle choices and environmental stressors. Overexposure to UV rays is a huge environmental stressor that increases hyperpigmentation while also breaking down collagen and elastin. When it comes to lifestyle choices, things like smoking and lack of sleep impact and age the skin as well. Daily home care of the skin using high-grade medical products is an absolute necessity at any age. The results and outcomes of procedures done at a medical spa-like Defy Nature in New London will improve significantly if a recommended skin care regimen is followed.

Whether it is after a VI chemical peel, eMatrix Radio Frequency, Botox injection or dermal filler procedure, the results will last far longer with a better outcome if the skin is treated daily with an FDA approved medical grade skin care product like a moisturizer with sunscreen from Replenix or a great eye cream with growth factors from Neocutis.

At Defy Nature they know aging is inevitable and no single treatment works on every client. Their skincare experts will design an individual treatment plan based solely on each client’s unique age, background, ethnic origin, lifestyle, and how much time they spend in the sun.

Call Defy Nature today for your complimentary consultation at (860) 271-0039!

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