Why are millennials getting Botox and fillers in their twenties?


We live in a time that is ruled by image and how you look affects how you feel more than ever. The stigma of "having work done" no longer exists. Enhancing your beauty through invasive and noninvasive procedures can improve your social status, help gain employment and boost your self confidence. Currently, the millennial selfie generation wants instant gratification, so it is no surprise that they are opting for noninvasive, non-surgical procedures hoping to achieve the perfect look. In fact, the average millennial takes 28,000 selfies a year. It‘s no wonder that constantly viewing themselves leads to truly seeing themselves literally in a different light. So it’s no surprise that millennials are rushing to get Botox and dermal fillers now more than ever. At Defy Nature Med Spa in New London we see a dramatic increase in patients under the age of 30 requesting Botox  or Injectable treatments. Annual statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons confirm this trend, as reported Botox procedures have seen a 28% increase since 2010 and dermal fillers have seen a 32% increase since 2010 among the age group 20-29.

So, what is Botox? Botox is neuromodulator whose sole purpose is to weaken certain facial muscles to reduce crow's feet wrinkles, elevate the brows, fill in frown lines,  help turn up the lips (also known as a “lip flip”) and can soften your chin pad. When used correctly, Botox can dramatically reduce early and moderate signs of aging by minimizing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles or reshaping the eyebrows.  FDA-approved Botox will typically last 3 to 5 months. A common trend among millennials is the use of Botox for “preventative aging” rather than correcting the aging process beforeit  becomes  visible often in their early 40’s. Recent studies prove that getting Botox early on in younger years  will decrease the amount needed later on.

Dermal fillers, on the other hand, are used primarily to plump and fill areas of the face.  Examples include fuller lips, fuller cheeks, enhancing sunken eyes and reducing the appearance of more prominent wrinkles. Fillers are an excellent tool for fighting off the aging process and enhancing your appearance. Currently, there are several FDA-approved fillers but not all fillers are created equally. Defy Nature offers the Juvederm family of fillers ,Restylane , Bellafill the 5 year filler , and Radiesse.

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