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Cheeks Lose Volume with Age
Full cheeks are a symbol of youth — insert corny cheek-pinching joke from your grandma here — so it’s no wonder that an increasing number of men and women are seeking ways to create more fullness in this area of their face. One of the most effective ways to boost cheek volume is with temporary or permanent Injectable fillers, which can instantly add natural-looking dimension. That said, you should also incorporate medical grade skin care products into your regimen, as well to help with the surface of your skin. Today, we’re covering the full spectrum of options available to you, but first, let’s discuss why you may be experiencing a noticeable decrease in facial fullness.

Why Our Cheeks Lose Volume Over Time

We’re going to get straight to the point: reduced facial fullness is simply a part of getting older. With aging, we all lose and redistribute fat padding and facial volume. This results is a decrease in angularity and a slackness, which are symptomatic and typical of the older face.In addition to these fat pads decreasing in volume, there are also some structural changes that occur in both in our skin and bones. Facial bones also lose volume, and as Elastin declines, skin laxity and sagging increases. All these things together can result in a “droopier” and more hollowed face.

Some of the most common in-office treatments Defy Nature in New London offers for temporarily replenishing lost volume is injecting facial filler into and around the cheeks like Juvederm XC, Voluma and a new 5 year Filler called Bellafill. The goal, obviously, isn’t to turn you into a cartoonish replication of a porcelain doll, but rather to strategically correct volume loss that occurred over time. Adding filler adds contour to the mid face and, can make it appear more lifted. Typically, [filler] is placed in the midface and mid to upper cheek. The depth of injection depends on the filler being used. Some fillers are injected just above the bone like Bellafill, whereas others are injected into the dermis like Juvederm. Most people get these treatments to replace volume in the cheeks for a natural, refreshed look.

Erin Azia, the founder of Defy Nature also adds that to achieve optimum results, routinely using quality at home skin care products are essential following any procedure done here in our office. “We recommend to our clients the finest medical grade regimens available that are personalized according to the clients’ age, lifestyle, skin type and budget.” Defy Nature sells Neo-Cutis, Replenix and Skin Medica professional grade products that are only available in physician’s office. What is sold on-line may not be the exact same product although the label may look the same.

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